Frugal Fi’s First Lost Tooth

Miss Fionna showing off her new grill.

Even though she turned 6 on Monday, and her “birthday buddy minus one,” Joann, celebrated her 50th the day prior, the headline this week on Thistle Down Drive has been the changing status of Miss Fionna’s first loose baby tooth.

As per my youngest’s daily updates, the tooth in question had been “wiggly” for weeks, and the near-constant coaxing with her index finger and tongue did little to accelerate the loosening process. That changed on her birthday as she was playing at Joann’s family business, Top Notch Gymnastics in Concord, and learned the hard way about the importance of using “strong arms” to finish a proper tumble.

Her bottom left front tooth went from slightly wiggly to full-on loose, and we all knew that a visit from the Tooth Fairy would be occurring in short order.

Still, her tooth held on for another day before finally dislodging itself early Tuesday afternoon, and a smiling Miss Fionna then began showing it off for all to see, completely unconcerned about the new jack-o’-lantern grill she’d be sporting for the next few weeks.

Her next immediate concern was being home, and in bed asleep, so the Tooth Fairy would be able to deliver her cashola. “I’m getting a dollar,” she announced after I convinced her to put her tooth in a plastic baggie for safe keeping.

But her level of concern wasn’t clear until we were out to dinner that night with Joann and her family to celebrate the birthday girls. After enjoying a meal of chile con queso, street tacos, naked and stuffed burritos, and sizzling fajitas, I suggested that we hit the nearby Sonic for half-priced milkshakes (as it was after 8 p.m.).

Fi declined, and not even the coaxing of several members of the Christie clan, including her almost birthday buddy, could sway her.

Instead, we went home, placed the baggy with her tooth under her pillow, and Fi eventually drifted off to sleep. She was up before 6:30 this morning, eager to show off her spoils: five crisp $1 bills.

Showing off the spoils.

When I asked what she intended to do with her money, perhaps even suggesting that she could use it to buy ice cream for all of us, Fi wrinkled her nose and shared that she had already stuffed the bills into her piggy bank.

“That came from the Tooth Fairy—I can’t just give it away,” she concluded.

After some contemplation, she said we could still get some ice cream today, so long as Daddy did the buying.

Smart kid.

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