Small Venues Attract Corporate Retreats Seeking More Productivity

By Frank S. Costanza

Mixing work and pleasure. The transformation of the corporate retreat means smaller, more intimate venues for meetings and social functions, on-site fine dining experiences, and lots and lots of amenities. Click below to learn more:

Casual interfaces and engaging interactions, in relaxing settings, can be the ideal location to boost communication in a corporate retreat. Courtesy: Mirbeau Inn & Spa Plymouth

Buried Treasure & Trinkets: Metal Detection Experts Share Their Discoveries

By Frank S. Costanza

“All that glitters is not gold.” Metal detection enthusiasts would argue against that aphorism, explaining that all the buried treasures they unearth are valuable. The weight of that value depends on the beholder, however. Click below to learn more:

Harrisburg Town Officials: Train Station Brings Benefits Now, And Down The Tracks

By Frank S. Costanza

The Harrisburg Town Council recently inked an unprecedented deal with the North Carolina Railroad, one in which the state-owned entity will spend up to $6 million to build a new passenger train station in the municipality. The work is expected to begin sometime next year, and take between 12 and 18 months go complete.

Click here to learn more: www.justoutsidetheloop.com/2019/08/26/town-officials-train-station-brings-benefits-now-and-down-the-tracks

The Harrisburg train station will be located just north of the Shell gas station on Route 49.

Do You Call Yourself A ‘Local’? NOT So Fast …

By Frank S. Costanza

So, what’s your definition of “local,” East End peeps? Must you be able to trace your lineage back several generations? Must you be Native American? Must you have graduated from a local high school? Where do “part-time” locals stand in the fray?

Well. I’ve discovered, through some fearless and intrepid reporting, that everyone has a different opinion—though most have a good sense of humor about things. Read more by clicking on the link!

East Hampton Town Crier Hugh King reckons himself a “local.” Many would disagree. — The Press News Group

Alan Schnurman And Eric Feil Pen ‘I Can, I Will, I Must’

By Frank S. Costanza

Attorney. PBS producer. Real estate tycoon. And now co-author.

Alan Schnurman is the textbook definition of interesting. He’s teamed up with Eric Feil of Dan’s Hampton Media on a book that is both entertaining and educational—and it isn’t just for those debating whether they should begin investing in real estate. Check it out at:

Eric Feil and Alan Schnurman, co-authors of ‘I Can, I Will, I Must’ — Kyril Bromley, The Press News Group

A Kids Bucket List: 10 Things To Do On The East End Before They Turn 10

By Frank S. Costanza

The South Fork of Long Island is ripe for adventure, and these 10 destinations are must-visits if you’re a parent whose child is rapidly approaching double-digits. The accompanying sidebar offers three additional options on the nearby North Fork. Get going!

Fishing at Shinnecock Inlet jetty In Hampton Bays — Michael Dean Photo

New Fitness Studio Specializes In Innovative Techniques

By Frank S. Costanza

In addition to offering individual and group training, a new fitness studio in Southampton specializes in treating those suffering from various ailments, including scoliosis. Learn more about Gabby Lamia’s plight to avoid surgery, and trainer Gregory Bader’s regimen to keep her on that path. New Fitness Studio Specializes In Innovative Techniques – Southampton – 27east

Gregory Bader works with Gabby Lamia at Hamptons MVMT — The Press News Group

Accounting Degrees Expand To Include AI, Forensics

By Frank S. Costanza

The following article—the fourth in a series I’ve written focusing on programming offered at Gardner-Webb University, a private Christian university in Boiling Springs, North Carolina—explains ongoing changes in the field of accounting. It also reviews how prospective undergraduate and graduate students can best prepare themselves for what lies ahead. The article appears on the Charlotte Business Journal website: Tradition-bound accounting degrees expand to include artificial intelligence, forensics as industry grows – Charlotte Business Journal

FBI agent Jacqueline Lyon and Earl Godfrey, director of undergraduate programs for the Godbold School of Business at Gardner-Webb University—The Charlotte Business Journal


Seven Tips For Making Your Best Choice In An Online Education Program

By Frank S. Costanza

The following is the third in a series of articles I’ve written focusing on programming offered at Gardner-Webb University, a private Christian university in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. This one offers a handful of tips to help prospective students pick the best online program. The article appears on the Charlotte Business Journal website: 7 tips for making your best choice in an online university education program – Charlotte Business Journal

Ben Leslie, interim president of Gardner-Webb University—The Charlotte Business Journal